There are many reasons that you may need therapy. Individuals who experience anxiety, depression, family problems, or work-related stress may benefit from talking to a professional who is trained in providing mental health services. Then there are those individuals who are interested in personal growth and achieving a better life. If you are overwhelmed, stressed or seeking personal growth, therapy is a proven method to help you manage your life better. 

A great resource for getting the help you need is virtual therapy, which is convenient especially if you have barriers that prevent you from coming to my office for a face-to-face visit. Virtual visits are the same as in-person; which means that virtual therapy is confidential, personal and high quality. 

You may require virtual visits due to barriers that keep you from being seen in person, such as transportation issues, or living a distance from my office. As you know traffic in Houston is extremely heavy, and may take you an hour to get to my location. Because my office is located on 59 South near the 610 Loop, traffic can be extremely congested. That being said, virtual sessions can save driving time for an office appointment. 

Other barriers might include your health problems or physical limitations. Virtual sessions allow you to be in a comfortable setting that is also convenient. You can be in the privacy of your home, on a break at work, or spending time out of town. We can arrange a telephone session or an internet based session, which ever you choose. If you desire an internet based virtual session, you will need a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone with a microphone, a webcam or camera and internet connection. That’s it! 

To schedule your virtual counseling session, send me an email ( We can arrange appointments via email or text messaging. The fee for each 45-minute virtual counseling session is $125. 

Let’s talk about maximizing your potential and shifting from a life of frustration to fulfillment.